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As we enter the winter season, the market is still very favorable for Sellers in the Lakes Region of NH.  As a Seller, you need to market your house at the correct price!  All Sellers should get a local Realtor to perform     a CMA (comparative market analysis) on their home to compare and contrast other properties in your town and neighborhood that have sold recently.  This is a key factor, to do a very thorough comparison of similar homes with the same features to accurately determine the current market value of your home.   

In this hot market, I still recommend staging your house.  Even if you expect to sell quickly, you want to present your house in the very best light!  As a Seller, you want to create a "wow" factor which will help you to  get top dollar and a potential for multiple offers! In this market, where Buyers have to make decisions very fast, you want all potential Buyers to react with emotion on their first impressions! If your property isn't staged, it may sell rather quickly, however not necessarily for that highest price!  When a Buyer walks into your house, you want them to visualize their family living there, so removing all personal photos and items is necessary.  

If your house hasn't sold in the past, staging will guarantee that your house will be under contract for more money very soon.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on staging, a deep cleaning and de-cluttering will bring you more money to the table!  Also, don't forget about staging the outside of your property:  you will want to prune, plant, and de-clutter your outside space as well!  Buyers will appreciate the upkeep on your landscaping, which equates to a well kept-up house inside!

As a Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional living in the Lakes & Mountains area of NH for over 20 years, I have expert knowledge of this ever-changing housing market including the lakes, the schools, the mountains and all that the Lakes Region has to offer.  

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by:  GAIL CALLAHAN, Realtor® and Professional Stager, ASP®, IAHSP®, LHS® in Lakes Region of New Hampshire!