Multiple Offer Strategies For Buyers

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1.   What are your buyers’ expectations?  What do they absolutely want/need when buying a house? 

2.   What are your buyers’ deal-breakers?

3.   Prepare your buyers to move quickly in this competitive market

4.   With multiple offers make sure that your buyers know that the probability of getting their offer accepted goes down with every offer.

5.   Encourage your buyers to get pre-approval early on with a lender that can be flexible in providing financing letters. 

6.   A buyer’s offer is more competitive with a larger down payment 

7.   Know that contingencies will work against your buyer’s offer with a long closing date or inspection period.

8.   Know the seller’s motivation; are they looking for an early closing or more time to move?  Limit repairs to those over a certain dollar amount.

9.   Stay competitive; ask the lender to call the listing agent to confirm your buyer’s qualifications.

10.    Stay ahead of the rush offers.  Add a contingency to see the property within a certain timeframe to protect the buyers.

11.    Seal the deal: Be prepared to make an offer with confidence; if offer falls through continue to work with buyers towards an end goal

                                                           A home they will love!